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Sep. 18th, 2008

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You Just Can't Kill It - article on Goth fashion in the NY Times.

Rodarte, Fall 2008

May. 21st, 2008

beach, color, tattoo

staying off the wagon

Originally uploaded by anne.cecille.meadows
My little sis wants us to all stay off the wagon, I guess....

May. 7th, 2008

beach, color, tattoo

meta retro nostalgia

in a fit of nostalgia* I just had to re-watch this ad. Has it really been ten years? I think I still have the khakis I wore to Spencers when we all just had to parody it...

* and an effort to wash the Ting Tings earworm out of my brain

Apr. 25th, 2008

beach, color, tattoo

Hipster Olympics

oh, you've probably seen this, and are entirely apathetic, but the Hipster Olympics are the new fashion show are the new burlesque cabaret are the new circus.

I'm sad to say (especially for peachinprocess) that they left out PBR fishing.

Apr. 24th, 2008

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w00t! The newest painting/set of prints by our lovely slurketta, Suzanne Forbes -- featuring Eva G -- is now featured on

Better order a print now, while she's got them.

In fact, order 3 or 5 other ones, before she's too famous to afford!

Apr. 1st, 2008

beach, color, tattoo


Originally uploaded by Miss Cellania
for netik and baconmonkey -- the ultimate drink mixer?

"Beef Jerky, Beef Stroganof, Cheese Burger, Chicken Teriyaki, Dirty Hot Dog, Fish’n Chips, Hungarian Gulash, Italian Sausage, Peking Duck, Tandoori Chicken, Texas BBQ, Wiener Schnitzel, and introducing the new Escargot flavor!"

via Neatorama -

Aug. 9th, 2007

beach, color, tattoo


"If your life was a concert and I was a girl, I'd be up front throwing my panties on stage. :)"

Jul. 3rd, 2007

beach, color, tattoo

Today's meme -

Because I dearly enjoy embarrassing people --

Share something fabulous about Mo! peachinprocess

1 - She has amazing hair colors
2 - She inspired me to go back to school
3 - She's saved at least two people's lives, that I personally know of.
4 - I *know* she's got my back in a bar fight, and she'll have a good lawyer to get me off the hook.
5 - There's a thousand more things that I could say here, but mostly... she's one of the best friends I've ever known, and I don't think there's a word i could say to her that she wouldn't accept or understand.

Ok, your turn! I tag everyone on my friends' list. And her friends list. Today is officially "Show Mo the love" day.

*wicked laugh* Soon, it will be your day, gentle readers!

Jun. 27th, 2007

beach, color, tattoo

it's good to have a friend to lean on

Originally uploaded by nomi maybe

No, you can't have her. That's MY Mo!

More party photos here:

Jun. 22nd, 2007

beach, color, tattoo

Happy Birthday sister Kathryn!

And for everyone else -- just because it's Friday. Let's not forget to Shake It.

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